Phil Botha/

Our “welcome” is a smile that fades
Angry voices asking;
How did you make it through the barricades?
Outward we promise solidarity
but you will soon discover
that’s a rarity

People radiating hostility
New laws are passed
to criminalize your mobility
Trying to get back parts of what we took;
How dare you?
We’ll make you the crook!

Now that you’re here, don’t ask for anything
You even came with a phone
so you must be a king
We talk a lot about human rights
but didn’t you know
that’s just for whites?

You should know we allow no reactions
and expect you to tolerate
all our violent actions
At first, it sounds like insanity
but we normalize it
by denying the other’s humanity

Welcome to Europe.

Long-time-reader and ‘baby writer’ focusing on social justice issues. Driven by the need to learn from and promote silenced narratives.