Up to 130 asylum seekers died on April 22nd due to Europe’s racist border policies.

On April 21st, 2021, a rubber boat carrying up to 130 asylum seekers is in distress off the coast of Libya. The people on the boat call for help, and the organization Alarm Phone stays in contact with them for 10 hours while trying to convince European authorities to coordinate a rescue mission. The authorities refuse to take any responsibility for the situation and redirect the responsibility to the Libyan coast guard — who also refuses to launch a rescue operation.

Ocean Viking, an NGO search and rescue vessel that belongs to SOS Méditerranée, and three merchant vessels desperately search…

Where Muslim women are criminalised for their clothing and sexual predators are protected.

When I first read the story of the French woman known only as “Julie” in the media my stomach churned. Between the age of 13 and 15, she was groomed and repeatedly raped by 20 firemen who claimed to be helping her during difficult times. Yet, the accused were charged with the lesser offence of sexual assault rather than rape. Why? Because according to French law, children are able to consent to sexual acts with adults and the court argued it could not be proven that the men had used violence and/or force.

A part of me was shocked by…

I am so angry and sickened by the actions of these white parents, but I am not the least bit surprised. This is just another case that demonstrates how common and normalised racism is in Sweden and the rest of Europe today – a place white people like to argue is ‘post-racial’.

White parents in a city in Sweden are outraged by the municipality’s plan to place white Swedish pupils and pupils with a so called ‘foreign background’ together in the same schools. Yes, you got that right. …

What will people say about Europe’s framing of and response to the ‘refugee crisis’ in 100 years?

March 2121

On the 18th of March, 2021, a boat carrying around 100 refugees caught fire on the coast outside of Libya. The people onboard alerted Alarm Phone, but no help came. At one point some local fishermen reached the burning boat and managed to rescue around 45 people. 60 people drowned.

This horrific event did not receive much news coverage in Europe, because in truth it was nothing new. So far that year, an average of 6 people had drowned every day in the Mediterranean Sea, while they were trying to reach safety in Europe. The deaths outside of Libya that…

It has happened to all women I know; You tell a man about something that happened to you, or something that keeps happening to you, because you are a woman. The man reacts with surprise or suspicion, telling you that it was probably a one-time incident caused by this one bad guy, or maybe you are just overreacting? Maybe it was just a misunderstanding? Or, it could probably have happened to a man as well.

Encounters like these are exhausting and emotionally draining. As a woman you have to keep telling the same stories over and over again; to not…

And you shouldn't either.

It’s the start of a new year, and people everywhere have been reflecting on 2018 and what we as people can do better this year. After reading several opinion pieces and comments online, I get the feeling there is a lot of agreement on what should be number one on this list for 2019; we should all listen more to others and respect the views of people we do not agree with.

Well, I was planning to do more of the opposite.

In November last year, I was visiting an old friend over the weekend. Saturday night we had some…

By now I should know better
Than to read
What you write
But time and again
I press that button
Read more
And this wave of words
Comes flowing
Bringing your dangerous fiction
Into existence
And as I hope
For more resistance
I know that people are tired
Wondering if there is anything to gain
From going through the pain
Of engaging with you

Your opinion is merely
An assumption
A thought
A feeling
A point of view
That you offer to us
Again and again
But you can never
You lack insight
And a deeper understanding
But still you are
Constantly demanding
You expect us to nod and agree;

It was hard
Getting up in the morning
Falling asleep in the evening

You are sick
They said
It’s you
Your mind
Your thoughts
Your perspective
On the world
Change it
And the world will become better

I tried
And I fought
And I struggled

Then I laughed
At them
For not knowing the truth
And I said to the world;
It’s not me
It’s you

Our “welcome” is a smile that fades
Angry voices asking;
How did you make it through the barricades?
Outward we promise solidarity
but you will soon discover
that’s a rarity

People radiating hostility
New laws are passed
to criminalize your mobility
Trying to get back parts of what we took;
How dare you?
We’ll make you the crook!

Now that you’re here, don’t ask for anything
You even came with a phone
so you must be a king
We talk a lot about human rights
but didn’t you know
that’s just for whites?

You should know we allow no reactions
and expect you to tolerate
all our violent actions
At first, it sounds like insanity
but we normalize it
by denying the other’s humanity

Welcome to Europe.

Imagine an apple
The rot omnipresent
reaching for the round edges
infecting the core.

going easy on the surface,
leaving the shiny peel untouched.
Keeping the narrative alive;

The rot
occupies spaces
and erases.

You avoid asking questions
because you can,
and your knowledge tells you
that white is not the color of rot.
But you cannot escape the taste.
You know.
Still, you sell the same story
and enjoy the profit.

The apple welcomes
the shades of the rainbow
to settle on its surface.
Superficially celebrating colors.
And so the rot persists,
the brown and the black.

K. Mitchell

Long-time-reader and ‘baby writer’ focusing on social justice issues. Driven by the need to learn from and promote silenced narratives.

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